What is load calculation and how does it factor in to my new air conditioner?

If it’s time to decide on an air conditioner replacement, having a professional perform a load calculation is important in picking the system that will work best for your house. All homes are specific in their cooling demands. If your system is inaccurately sized, it will impact your comfort and multiply your utility bills. Let’s explain what goes into a load calculation.

Traditionally, a load calculation was discovered only by looking at the square footage of a home. That’s still one piece of the puzzle, but we regard various other components to find the products that will work the best for your home. Our experts will look at the climate in Beaverton, the square footage and design of your home, the level of insulation, your roof size and type, the size and location of windows, your home’s sun exposure and your family’s habits and schedule.

We would love to help you come across the air conditioner replacement that fits your home. If your system is too small, you’ll have issues keeping your home at the perfect temperature. And just because a system is larger doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. Actually, if your system is too big for your home, you could have a lot of problems:

  • Because it won’t have to operate as long, an oversized system will consistently warm up and cool down. This results in more wear and tear on the system than necessary.
  • It can also decrease productivity and raise utility bills.
  • Another problem with an oversized system cycling on and off too regularly is it will fail to dehumidify your air properly.

One key to your home’s comfort is ensuring decent airflow. Garoken Energy Co. Inc. can help with a room-by-room load calculation. We will make sure all components of your system—your air conditioner, ductwork and registers—are working together to keep you comfortable.

At Garoken Energy Co. Inc., we specialize in keeping your Beaverton home comfortable and maximizing energy efficiency. If you’re considering an air conditioner replacement, give us a call at 503-374-1934.

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